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Clay Bar Treatment

Clay Bar Treatment $50 Over time paint contaminants bind to your paint and cannot be removed with gentle cleaning practices or safe chemicals. The clay bar treatment safely removes containments such as tar and brake dust to ensure they do not damage your paint. Book now

NuFinish 1 Year Sealant

NuFinish 1 Year Sealant $50 NuFinish is a 2 in 1 polish and protectant. The application brings back a lustrous shine and 1 year of protection that is rated for up to 52 automatic car washes. Prior to application the paint is prepped to ensure optimal durability. Book now

Engine Bay Detailing

Engine Bay Detailing $75 Engine bay will be gently cleaned, and plastic and rubber components will be hydrated with CarPRO Perl to protect and give the engine components a longer life. Book now

Leather Conditioning

Leather Conditioning $30 Leather or Vinyl seats are thoroughly cleaned, and CarPRO Perl is applied and buffed off to rehydrate and protect the surfaces. This prevents uv degradation and cracking from age. Book now

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration $100 Get the most lumens out of your headlights and bring them back to life with wet sanding, compounding, and polishing. Book now

Dog Hair Removal

Dog Hair Removal $50 Dog hair is stubborn and time consuming to remove. If your car is heavily coated add this onto your package to ensure all is removed Book now
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